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Could you be harming your relationship without realising it? Here are ten habits that could lead to a break-up lest you keep them in check.

1. Giving him the silent treatment

While it might feel good to freeze him out and let him stew, not speaking to him will only have a detrimental effect on your relationship in the long run. He’ll get frustrated by your lack of communication and you’ll never get your point across if you’re not actually speaking to him. Successful relationships are based good communication, so instead of sulking and giving him the cold shoulder, try talking through your problems and finding the solution together.

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2. Nag, nag nagging

Yes, he always forgets to take the rubbish and it really gets your goat, but nagging him isn’t going to make things any better. Men tune out the sound of women’s voices when they start to irritate them so it becomes a vicious cycle – you ask him to do something, he zones out, you get frustrated and ask him again and again and infinitum causing a build up of resentment and anger on both sides.

Instead of demanding he do things in a nagging tone, try a more positive approach. Give him a cuddle, smile, look him in the eye and ask if he’d mind taking the rubbish out later. You’re much more likely to get what you want with a warm approach and he won’t resent you for asking.
Avoiding conflict

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3. Avoiding conflict

Never fighting or failing to bring up issues that are bothering you is a relationship time bomb. When you’re concerned about something it won’t just go away if you ignore it – just like a bump in the carpet it will pop up somewhere else. Remember, it’s normal and healthy for couples to disagree from time to time. As long as you argue constructively and are able to compromise and move ahead, it’s actually good for your relationship.
drama queen

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4. Playing the drama queen

Losing your temper, crying or storming out every time something doesn’t go your way will soon wear thin with your man. Instead of throwing a strop and flouncing out, sit down and talk through your problems. It takes far less energy than slamming doors and throwing tantrums.
possessive and clingy

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5. Being possessive and clingy

During the honeymoon period it’s nice to do everything together, but insisting he spends every waking hour with you and you alone is never a good idea. He’ll start to feel smothered. Everyone – even married couples need some time alone and socializing with friends who aren’t you is also important. Encourage him to go out with his friends or stay home and watch the game solo from time to time. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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6. Being sarcastic

While you can pass the odd sarcastic quip off as a joke, there is often a deep seated hostility towards your partner at play behind the persistent use of sarcasm to put your partner down. If you want your relationship to flourish it’s time to look inwards and work out why you’re behaving this way before it’s too late. You might find your partner starts to push you away or avoids spending time with you out of fear and anger – being on the receiving end of sarcasm can be especially wearing.

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7. Drinking too much

A nice relaxing glass of wine after a hard day’s work is one thing, but if one or both of you find yourselves drinking until you’re legless most nights, it’s a clear signal something’s not right between you and that you’re using alcohol to mask the shortcomings of the relationship. Unnecessary flare-ups are inevitable when there’s too much booze involved. Nobody wants to date a drunk so sober up or seek professional help before it’s too late to salvage things.

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8. Overspending

Money can be a bone of contention whether you’re being supported by your partner or are the main breadwinner in the relationship. Exceeding your weekly budget on a regular basis shows a lack of respect for your partner while showing off by flashing your cash when he doesn’t have as much to spend can easily cause resentment. So watch your wallet.
checking up

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9. Checking up on him

Snooping his Facebook or email account, checking his phone for illicit texts and constantly worrying that his female friends are more than just platonic will drive you seriously nuts. You just can’t live your life in a state of constant fear that he’s hooking up with someone else.

If he’s cheated on you in the past you need to ask yourself if you truly trust him to be faithful or end things. If you’re just insecure talk to him about how you feel and he should be able to reassure you. Snooping is not the way to solve this problem.

10. Trying to make him jealous

If you were content in your relationship, flirting with other guys to make your man jealous wouldn’t even cross your mind. So if you find yourself making eyes at the bartender just to make him sit up and notice you, ask yourself why? If it’s because he’s acting non-committal or not paying you enough attention tell him how you feel. Flirting sets a bad precedent – if you can that means he can too. And that’s no use to either of you.
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